Providing simultaneous interpretation equipment so you can communicate to everyone in your audience

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Multi-language events have become a major part of our world today. The need for clear and uninterrupted simultaneous interpretation equipment is crucial. We know you want to make an impact on each and every one of your guests. We want to help you make your message as clear as possible without any challenges or obstacles that hinder their experience.

Our expertise is in providing the highest quality interpretation equipment with the best technicians in the industry, allowing your interpreters to focus on their job without distractions. You won’t have to worry about how you’ll find the right equipment or how you’ll set it all up. We take care of the hard part as you take charge on how you want your vision executed. Let us work with you to find the best solutions possible for your upcoming event.

Our combined experience spans a decade in providing this technology in the form of tour guide systems to multi-language one- and two-way simultaneous interpretation equipment. Break language barriers with the right simultaneous interpretation equipment for your guests to fully absorb their experience.


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Top of the Line Sound Equipment

Sound Works Productions

Our top of the line sound interpretation equipment includes:

Williams AV IC-2 Interpretation Consoles

Williams AV R37-8 72 MHz FM systems

Listen Technologies

LR400/500 216 MHz FM systems

Multi-Caisse Table top & full size booth

Sound Works Interpretation Process

Our Interpretation Process

We have provided full service support ranging from focus groups, small corporate board meetings and large global conferences with our simultaneous equipment. You can take advantage of our offerings, rest assured, knowing you are in capable hands. You’ll even have one of our technicians on hand to assist with anything that arises. If you have some equipment of your own but need to supplement it to cover an event, give us a call. We can rent you the equipment you need. You have a message that your audience needs to hear. Let our experience work for you.

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